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Why on earth do Catholics believe *that*???

discussion of the Catholic view of Birth Control
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This is a place for people who have difficulty understanding The Church's teachings on birth control to try to come to a fuller understanding. Catholics as well as non-Catholics are welcome. This is not so much a debate community as it is a place for reasonable discussion among people who accept the teachings and those who would seek more knowledge on the subject. Topics for discussion include (but are not necessarily limited to) the immorality of birth control, the differences between artificial birth control and natural family planning, and licit vs. illicit uses of NFP, as well as things like sexual morality, family planning in general, and invasive procedures such as IVF. This is NOT a place to promote ideas contrary to the Catholic Church's teachings. It doesn't matter what you currently believe on the issue, what matters is if you want to learn. Everyone is welcome so long as no one causes any trouble. :)

For easy reference, the text of Humanae Vitae.