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Why on earth do Catholics believe *that*???
and since I'm promoting lately, I may as well pose a question... 
5th-Mar-2007 09:23 pm
this came up in one of the recent catholicism discussions, but was never really addressed.

what forms of affection are allowed, and what not allowed, during the abstaining period of NFP? I'm thinking a lot of people have the idea that anything goes, as long as it isn't intercourse (that could get you pregnant), and doesn't involve something artificial...
7th-Mar-2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
technically speaking, NFP is the catholic term, and FAM (fertility awareness method) is the secular term. since the term NFP was, as far as I know, around first, a lot of people (wrongly) use that to mean all of the above. the book "taking charge of your fertility" at least makes the distinction that NFP requires abstinence during fertility (when trying to avoid pregnancy, obviously) where as FAM allows barriers and what not.

so going by that definition, NFP does in fact require complete abstinence form all sexual acts dring the abstaining time. anyone who says otherwise is confusing it with FAM.

of course as far as charting and figuring out what days are fertile and what days are not, they are the same thing, so there's where the lack of distinction comes in.
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