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Why on earth do Catholics believe *that*???
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19th-Dec-2008 02:37 pm(no subject)

I know from reading past entries that fertility treatments are not permitted. However, after conception, are early measures to prevent miscarriage such as progesterone suppositories or cervical cerclage okay? TIA!
10th-Dec-2007 02:35 pm - NFP?
What are the illicit uses of NFP?   
7th-Mar-2007 03:18 pm - this isn't a posed question...
planets stolen from unlegal
this I'm actually wondering!

anybody happen to know how the church feels about adopting embros? I know IVF is out, but what about the embryos that already exist and would otherwise be destroyed or experimented on?

it seems for the most part, Natural Law and Church Law match up on most of these issues.. but this is something entirely different. embryos are illicitly ceated, then what? they already exist. would it not be ok to have one implanted into yourself?
this came up in one of the recent catholicism discussions, but was never really addressed.

what forms of affection are allowed, and what not allowed, during the abstaining period of NFP? I'm thinking a lot of people have the idea that anything goes, as long as it isn't intercourse (that could get you pregnant), and doesn't involve something artificial...
25th-Jul-2006 08:47 pm - No More
I am new to this community, so allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Megan and I have recently decided to convert to Catholicism.  I am very excited about this new chapter in my life and I am trying to become a faithful young adult.

Anyway...the point of this entry is that I am a young adult that has unfortunately made BAD decisions in her life.  Yes, we all have, however, I am trying so hard to end these things now.  I think this is the key time in my life to make a change.  I am going to college to mold myself into a person that I can love and that God will be able to use for his will.

I was on birth control up until this month.  In the beginning it was for my irregular periods and severe cramps...however, I don't care about that anymore.  Now that I know what God can bless us with, I want to live up to his will and what the Holy Church believes and promotes.  So, yay!   I am so proud.  I finally took the step to stop taking the pill.  It makes me feel like I have to be in control of my body now because now nothing is protecting me from getting "into trouble" except for myself.  So, I feel that this is just getting a step closer in leading the life that God has intended for me.  I thank God for this right now...*amen.*

Well, that's it.  Positive feedback appreciated.  Constructive criticism taken to heart.

21st-Jul-2006 01:11 pm - Openness to life
There aren't a lot of members here, so it may be that nobody can answer this question as fully as possible, but here goes.

Why does every individual sex act have to be open to life? Why is it not enough for a couple to say, for a myriad of reasons, that they are generally open to life in that they will accept any children that God gives them and that either they intend to have children at some point, or they intend to have MORE children at some point, or they already had children in the past?

And why, if every individual sex act must be open to life, are the sex acts performed during the infertile period of NFP allowed when it is biologically impossible to conceive when the woman is not fertile?
21st-Jul-2006 09:04 am - here's another:
why does the pope get to decide what you do about birth control? he is male and celibate so it'll never affect him personally...
so I guess I'll pose a question, a discussion I've had lately that is partly the reason this group got started, and then let you fine people discuss. just remember...
1) you're not answeringto me, you're answering to all the hypothetical readers who are seriously wondering this.
2) just because someone gives an answer you think sounds good doesn't mean your input isn't needed! say it in your own words.. you may never know if it's just the right thing to say.

so here goes: Why does the Church allow NFP but not condoms? aren't they basically the same thing? they both prevent pregnancy...
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